Senior Web Developer Designer Intel

  • Production Support, Trouble shooting and New Development. CPS Certified Site Management. Involved in the start-up and managed the Disti and OEM posting and maintenance for iBL project (e-commerce for distributors and Original Equipment Manufactured)
  • Received Intel’s All American award for work on iBL Project Leadership in a rapid development environment
  • Involved in re-design of, maintained Flash products web sites, and initiated End of Life programs for legacy servers
  • Created images, templates and logos for various internal and external divisions
  • Original set-up of the Documentum system including contributing to the user manual for the Intel customization of product
  • Trained incoming contractors for start up of the Intel Web Outfitter on-line stores and the (Dakota II).
  • Consultant(GraphXStaff), html, asp, css, photoShop, illustrator, Corporate branding, re-branding
Template View
intel CPR Template - Click image for larger version

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